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Segavecchia 2019

Segavecchia 2015

Town Center
- Forlimpopoli

Periodo di svolgimento

From Sunday 24  to Sunday 31, 2019


During the day

From Sunday 24 to Sunday, March 31,  2019, do not miss the Segavecchia, ancient festival of Forlimpopoli which takes place in mid-Quaresima. The name comes from cutting the Old, a large papier-mache puppet depicting a woman, full of sweets and toys that are given away to children.


As every year in mid-Lent comes the Segavecchia. From Sunday 11  to Sunday 18, March 2018, in Forlimpopoli there is the classic event which each year attracts thousands of people in the picturesque town of Romagna, located between Forlì and Cesena, at the foot of the beautiful hills of Bertinoro.

The name comes from the cutting of old, a large papier mache puppet depicting a woman full of sweets and toys that are distributed to the children.
According to tradition, the origin of this festival dates back to the Middle Ages when an old doubts costumes, guilty of having eaten meat, in contravention to the Lenten fast, was condemned to be sawed alive.

Actually Segavecchia has much more distant origins and derives from ancient Mediterranean rites linked to the celebration of the natural cycle of life-death-life and rural celebrations: the old cut would represent the end of winter and the return of spring charging
fruits and gifts for men.

La Segavecchia this year returns with more meetings, more fun opportunities for everyone to satisfy everyone's tastes: from the amusement park to traditional stalls, from dried fruit to theater performances, from typical products to sport, from the fair to visits to the museum ...

On the two Sundays of the festival there are the traditional parades and challenges between masked floats, set up on long and cold winter nights, with great skill and passion, by master tankers. On the second Sunday, before the Old will be carried in the parade along with the allegorical wagons through the streets of the village to be subjected to the mockery of many regrets to attend the final act, or the cut of the great puppet from which emerges a cascade of sweets and toys that make the joy of all children.

At the end of the festivities, a majestic pyrotechnic game of sounds, lights and colors will last for a long time in the sky above Forlimpopoli, to symbolize the purifying fire and the colors of the party that cancel the darkness and the cold of winter.

The detailed program is available within the site of the event.


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