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Vintage. La moda che vive due volte!

Fashion lives twice – 29° edition
Forlì Exibition Center - Via Punta di Ferro
- Forlì

Periodo di svolgimento

Friday 13th to Sunday 15th March, 2020


 Friday from 2.00 pm to 8.00 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

The 29th edition of "Vintage!" Is back from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th March 2020, in the pavilions of the Fiera di Forlì. The fashion that lives twice ”, the event that has been accompanying enthusiasts of the sector and others for years.


An entire weekend to lose yourself in clothing, accessories, beauty, taste, big fashion brands, lifestyle and music; all strictly "vintage".
A sensory, emotional and intellectual experience that makes visitors the protagonists of a revival that transcends temporal boundaries, in which the past is a source of inspiration.
An immersion in the lifestyle, fashion and costume of a "scrap of history" with engaging side events,

A dip in the period from the 20s to the 80s, with fashion, modern art, collectibles, perfumes, tailored garments of the era, design pieces, with an eye to the market that has been created around to them and to the world of collecting.
The event is organized by a tried and tested fair staff and is one of the events that record the greatest influx of visitors in the city of Forlì
In its trade fair sector Vintage is the 1st in Italy for number of visitors and the 3rd for "seniority" with an average of about 15 thousand visitors per edition.

Vintage fashion
Modern stuff
Interior design


The main area is focused on the clothing and the accessories of the last century. These heirlooms, called Vintage, are now cult objects which characterized an era and remained in the collective memories, also thanks to their high quality and the opportunity to reinvent a personal, peculiar and vivid style today.


Vintage is not only a synonym of the past or the melancholy of the time that doesn't return, but it is a new way to look at the future. In this area, creative dressmakers, small artisan businesses and designers sell their creations, a new elaboration of old or unused materials, such as fabric, wools, woods, wallpapers or pvc: everything reborn in a new shape and colour.

Modern stuff and Design
This area is focused on the design of the 20th century and to modern stuff. The things created during those years, result of the designers talent, were inserted inside the industrial production in order to enter the houses and become part of the daily life. In this area the expositors show those objects, very wanted by the home-designers from all over the world today.

The collateral events include the first edition of the Forlì Tattoo Convention; about eighty industry professionals from all over Italy and from all over the world meet at the 1st Forlì Tattoo Convention on the occasion of the 29th edition of Fiera Vintage La Moda che vive due volte, to tattoo fans, show their works , their style and what they can do.

Three days in which art uses skin to express itself, with Tattoo Contest during which artists and tattooed in the various categories will be awarded for the best tattoos entered. The aim is to demonstrate how the world of tattoo has broken the commonplace patterns, transforming itself from taboo to social phenomenon, today suitable for everyone, without distinctions, thanks to the evolution of techniques and styles that have transformed Artists into Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Artists.

Sito dell'evento


Intera: 8.00€
Ridotta: 6.00€ (over 65s, militaries, disable or invalid people, or by a reduction on the website of the event)
Gratuità: children up to 12

Per informazioni
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Fax +39 0543 778482

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