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Expò Elettronica

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Forlì Exibition Center - Via Punta di Ferro, 2
- Forlì

Periodo di svolgimento

 Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th, December, 2019.


From 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th, December 2019,  Fiera di Forlì welcomes back Expo Elettronica, a fan favourite appointment to “hunt” for occasions, between consumables and spare parts for those irreplaceable objects and tools that accompany us in everyday life, at home, at work and in the free time.Concurrently also it takes place FORLIVE Comics and Games!


After abandoning the consumerist and wasteful idea of running after the latestelectronic gadget or 'fashionable' appliance, Expo Elettronica's philosophy is now relevant again; broken appliances are fixed instead of being thrown away, maybe with the help of some friends or some tutorials found on the Internet and, with some patience and luck, most problems are solved.

If the damage is permanent, the single parts can be reused to fix some other device, instead of ending up in the dumpster. Every year in Italy a million and a half tonnes of electronic waste is generated, a huge and costly environmental problem.

It's impossible to list everything one can buy at bargain prices, among novelties, rarities and variety: ready to use PCs, or parts to assemble one at home;  accessories for mobile, switchboards, faxes, video entryphones, security cameras; electronics and car accessories, speakers, acustic speakers, electronics for hobbies: videogames, CD-ROM, vhs, DVDs, cameras, TVs , mp3 and mp4 players, DVD players, portable TVs, assembly kits, completed kits, capacitors; radio communications appliances: antique radios, appliances for CB and radio amateurs, antennae, GPS, valves and even small radios to use in the free time; measurements tools, opticals; surplus, magazines, books; consumables: multifunction printers, ink cartridges, compatible toners from the best brands, unused Cds and DVDs, electronic parts, and for amateurs, all the equipment for DIY, energy efficient lamps and solar panels.


At the same time, the ForLive Comics and Games takes place, the 2.0 version of the traditional comic fair, an event in the event that showcases the world of games, video games, collectible cards, models, miniatures, role playing games and for two days will transform the Fiera di Forlì into a large square where tournaments and prize competitions will alternate.

Among these stands out the contest dedicated to the Cosplay which will transform the fair into a fantasy world with hundreds of guys in masks ready to surprise visitors with their costumes, perfect reproductions of the characters of comics and cinema, which make the appointment unmissable for the great audience.


Intera: € 10.00
Ridotta: 8.00€. Coupon for reduced entry fee from Expo Elettronica's website.
Gratuità: kids below 11 years old, disabled (if not self-sufficient, the helper is eligible for free entry as well), Italian finance police officers, State Police, Carabinieri.

Come arrivare

The exhibition complex is in the suburbs, 800 mts from A14's toll booth.

Per informazioni
Blu Nautilus - Piazzale Cesare Battisti, 22/E
Rimini  (RN)
Tel. +39.0541.439573

Ultimo aggiornamento giovedì 7 novembre 2019

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