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MuseUM of man and evironment

The Museum of Man and Evironment and has been recently renewed and extends for 20 halls displaying documents attesting the environmental evolution of this area, the evolution of man here from the prehistory up to presenet days and all contemporary times and all the civilizations succeeded through the centuries.

Address: Palazzo Pretorio - 2, P.zza d'Armi - Terra del Sole
Telephone number: Terra del Sole's Pro Loco: +39.0543.766766 - cell +39.3487196979
Fax: +39.0543.766766

Sito WEB:

Admission: € 5,00

Reduced rates

3.00 euro (up to 12 - over 60- conventioned associations)


Take S.S. 67 Tosco-Romagnola road. Terra del Sole is 9km far from Forlì. The museum is located on Terra del Sole main square.

Analytical text

The Museum of Man and Environment in Terra del Sole has been recently renewed and enlarged. It in composed of 20 halls arranged according to two different itineraries: the first one focuses on historical and architectonic details, whereas the second one focuses on ethnic, anthropological and territorial aspects.
The historical and architectonic itinerary begins with ?salone dei Commissari’ and then there are 7 halls recently restored in which some Renaissance frescoes have been recovered. The itinerary shows and explains the creation and development of Terra del Sole as a fortified town highlighting the political and administrative function performed by Palazzo Pretorio, seat of the museum.
The hall dedicated to the criminal law court is highly interesting: it is richly decorated with ancient weapons belonging to the Great-dukes’ armies that ruled over the province, including Romagna and Tuscany territory, for over two centuries. This itinerary shows the main features of Terra del Sole as chief town of Romagna territory. The historical reconstruction moves further backward showing the first human settlements and the habits of the ancient civilizations that populated this hilly area from the Palaeolithic up until the fall of the Roman Empire.
The ethnic and anthropological itinerary develops through nine rooms, two halls and the cellar of Palazzo Pretorio. It illustrates the life and the work of the inhabitants of this hilly area until the 40’s of the last century. The detailed reconstruction of the environment let the visitors feel the atmosphere of last century: from the farmhouse, to sharecropping family with its ancient hierarchies and traditions, from the farmyard with its rural rites until the domestic kitchen with its warm atmosphere; from the women’s activities to the myths and popular believes; from the traditional games and pastimes to the music shows performed in the square.
The museum shows a wide range of original tools in the section dedicated to the ancient works and handicrafts: from the carpenter to the smith, from the shoemaker, to the rope maker and the tailor. The section includes also the traditional season jobs in the countryside: the ploughing, the sowing, the harvest and also all the activities related to the production of wine ending in the wide cellar of the palace.

Week timetable opening

Winter times (1st of October - 31st of May): Tuesday, Thursday and Saturady. Guided tours: 15.00-16.00-17.00; Summer times (1st of June - 30th of September): Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Guided tours: 16.00-17.00-18.00

Closing day

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (winter time); Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (summer time)


Schools and groups can book guided tours of the museum at any day and time.

Ultimo aggiornamento giovedì 19 ottobre 2006


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