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Bertinoro - Piazza della LibertàTypical example of medieval walled town with towers and ancient houses, Bertinoro is situated in the heart of Romagna plain on the slopes of two hills Mount Cesubeo and Mount Maggio with panoramic views stretching as far as the sea. The village is overlooked by the millenary fortress prior to the 10th century which gave hospitality to the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in 1177 and from the 16th century to 1970 it became the Bishop’s residence. Recently restored, the Fortress houses today the Residential University Centre linked to the “Alma Mater Studiorum” of Bologna. Bertinoro is considered to be the “city of hospitality” for the tradition of the Ring column, with as many rings as the local families. A stranger who arrived and reined his horse to one of the rings was the guest of the family to whom the ring belonged. The tradition of Hospitality Feast is repeated each year on the first Sunday in September.

Bertinoro stands on the slopes of two hills, Mount Cesubeo and Mount Maggio, with panoramic views stretching as far as the sea. A village shaped by history developed at the foot of an elegant fortress giving life to a small town just the right size for man. The village was in the past and still is today famous for its vineyards and its valuable wines.

The first human settlements go back to the early Iron Age. Bertinoro is a typical example of Middle Age citadel. Originally it had a single centred structure with the urban area located inside the fortress, an additional town-centre was added at the beginning of the 14th century with the construction of Palazzo Ordelaffi, which later became the seat of the Town Hall. On the Piazza della Libertà, beside the Town Hall, are the Cathedral complex (former Oratory of Saint Catherine from Alexandria, patroness of the town) and the Civic Tower, originally a reference point until the 16th century. Parts of the ancient boundary wall, of the numerous towers and gates are still visible. Bertinoro is also well-known as the town of hospitality and its symbol is Ring Column. Every year, on the first Sunday of September, Bertinoro celebrates around this column a seven hundred years old rite dedicated to hospitality.

In the surroundings worth a visit are the Mount Maggio, the Dante Parish Church of San Donato in Polenta, the spa baths and the park of Fratta and the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Lago.

Address: Comune di Bertinoro - Piazza della Libertà 3
Telephone number: Ufficio UIT +39.0543.469213
Fax: +39.0543.444588

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Altitude: 247 mslm
Inhabitants: 10.600 inhabitants
Surface: 57 kmq

How to get there

Distance from via Emilia: 4 Km
Distance from the A14 highway tollgate: 12 Km from Cesena Nord; 18 Km from Forlì.

Distance from railway station: 5 Km from Forlimpopoli; 13 Km from Cesena; 15 Km From  Forlì.

Further information

Bertinoro is not only famous for its hospitality and for its splendid panoramic views over the whole of Romagna from the terrace of the twon square, but also for its wines: as well as the regional wine bar of Cà de Bé, a wealth of cellars associated with the Food and Wine Trail of the hills around Forlì-Cesena can be visited by single tourists or even by groups. Here typical wines such as Albana and Sangiovese can be bought.

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