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Chiesa del Suffragio - Forlì

Suffragio church rises in Forlì historical centre. Fra' Giuseppe Antonio Soratini projected the Church.

Address: Via Volturno, 1, 47121 Forli (FC), Italia
Telephone number: Curia Vescovile 0543 28240

Admission: Free

Further information

The original project of the church had been attributed to Giuseppe Merenda for a long time; on the contrary it has been recently attested the paternity of the project to Frà Giuseppe Antonio Soratini. The constriction of the church began in 1723 and ended only in 1933.
Its elliptic base recalls Santa Maria al Quirinale church (Rome) by Bernini. The semicircular façade is delimited by two side columns with gigantic ionic pilasters supporting the protruding corners of the above tympanum.
The inside is divided by several columns and pilasters supporting the interesting vault. It was built up in 1784 and decorated with frescos by Guarana from Venice and Serafino Barozzi from Bologna.
The three theological virtues (Faith, Hope and Charity) are depicted in the centre of the vault by Guarana.
Barozzi painted also the chapel of the main altar during the same year. On the right side of the entrance there is Pontiroli's chapel; the name is due to the presence of two busts portraying the married couple that financed the construction of the chapel.
The XVIII century painting portraying S. Antonio from Padova by Simone Campagnoli (member of Cigniani's school) is located on the main altar.
The beautiful painting depicting the death of S. Giuseppe by Antonio Fanzaresi is located in the first chapel on the left, right beside the main altar.
Another painting by Antonio Fanzaresi portraying Maria and the Saints Vincenzo Ferrari, Giovanni Nepomuceno and Torello da Poppi holding Forlì on his hand is located in the chapel beside the entrance. On the left side of the altar there is an excellent Nativity by Giuseppe Marchetti, while on the right side a Holy heart by Guardassoni.
Above the entrance there is the organ by Cllido from Venice.

How to get there

It rises at the beginning of Corso della Repubblica, along one of the main streets of the town. It is located near Piazza Saffi. It is easy to reach both by car and by bus.

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