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Historical Museum 'Dante Foschi'

The museum is a collection of historic relics from the first World War to the Second one. It amounts original uniforms, weapons, medals, coins, military ornaments, badges of ranks and furnishing. The seat of the museum is Palazzo del Mutilato.

Address: Via Piero Maroncelli, 3, 47121 Forlì (FC), Italia
Telephone number: +39.0543.32328
Sito WEB: http://www.cultura.comune.forli.fc.it/

e-mail: musei@comune.forli.fc.it


The Museum was financed by the members of A.N.M.I.G.(National Cribbles and Invalids of the War founded in 1917) and their relatives. It exhibits relics of different kinds and belonging to different historical periods (Independence battles Unification of Italy and the World Wars). There're original uniforms, weapons, medals, coins, military ornaments, badges of ranks and furnishings.
There are a lot of relics belonging to the First World War and to the military campaign in Ethiopia.
The many relics from the First World War are relevant both from an human and a historical point of view. The most important ones are those belonging to Fulcieri Paulucci di Calboli (1893-1919) a military and then invalid who became famous for his strong coherence. The Forlì section of this association is dedicated to his memory.

On the walls there is a collection of paintings, made with different techniques by a Forlì painter Maceo Casadei (1899-1992), inspired by the events and impressions of the two World Wars to which the artist took part.
Finally, an interesting collection of books provides a good support material evidence.

Week timetable opening

From Monday to Saturday 9.00-12.00 am on reservation.

Opening time

All year round, except Sundays, national holidays, February 4, the feast of the patroness of the city.

How to get it

The museum is located near Piazza del Duomo. It is easy to reach both by car and by bus.

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