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The origin of Predappio Alta castle is similar to the ones of Elmici and Caminate Fortresses. They were all constructed around 900 by local landlords. In 909 Predappio Alta Castle was controlled by Calboli family who strengthen its defensive structures. In 1471 Pino Ordelaffi enlarged and reinforced the defensive walls of the fortress.

Address: Via della Rocca, 47010 Predappio Alta (FC), Italia
Telephone number: Pro Loco di Predappio Alta +39.0543.922787
Fax: +39.0543.922787
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Further information

The fortress is 3Km. upward Predappio. It rises on a spur of rock in Predappio Alta.
The origin of Predappio Castle is similar to the ones of Elmici and Caminate Castles. They were built in 900 by local landlords. In 909 Castrum Petre Appi belonged to the Calboli's who added to the original structure of the castle the first defensive devices. In 1283 Giovanni D'Appia got Martino IV's castle in exchanging for fighting against the Ghibelline rebellious towns and for confirming the power of the Church. With the beginning of the feudal fights the destiny of this castle followed the destiny of Forlì, of The State of Church and of the Ghibellines and Guelphs supported by the Calboli's and the Ordelaffi's families. In 1471 Pino Ordelaffi enlarged and fortified the castle that became impregnable. It was defended by two corner-towers and by strong walls. Its strategic position made this Fortress impregnable. It was rather a strategic garrison than a war rampart. The sackings or raids that ruined the other castles of the surroundings didn't touch this Fortress that has preserved its original features.

Opening time

It is possible to visit only the outside.

How to reach it

Predappio Alta Fortress rises on the road that leads to the centre of the village (Strada Provinciale n°43, Predappio-Predappio Alta).

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