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Ex casa del fascio e dell'ospitalità

The building was designed by Arnaldo Fuzzi. It was constructed between 1934 and 1937. The building is composed by two side structures connected by an imposing central building that functioned as main entrance. The lictorian tower was located at a side of the complex structure as a symbol of power recalling the main ideal of the Modernist movement.



Address: Angolo Via Zoli, via Matteotti, 47016 Predappio (FC), Italia
Telephone number: +39.0543.921738
Fax: +39.0543.923417
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How to get there

The Fascist house is located in Piazza S. Antonio at the corner with via G. Matteotti and via G. Zoli. It is easy to reach driving along Strada Statale n°9 that crosses Predappio Towards Premilcuore.


The influence of the Fascist regime left its marks also on the contemporary organisation of Predappio. “Palazzo del Fascismo” is sensational for the size and for the contrast created by its colours (white and red). It was projected by the architect Arnaldo Fuzzi and built between 1934 and 1937. It is composed by two outbuildings connected by a central construction functioning as monumental entrance. The lictorian tower rises on a side of the building. It is a symbol of power and a recurrent feature of the powerful and modern Fascist architecture. The ground floor was used to host groups of pilgrims arriving in Predappio and it was the seat of the local recreation centre. There was also a tourist bureau for the Fascist propaganda. The ground floor hosted even a bar and an elegant restaurant. The offices of various Fascist comities and some congress halls were located on the first floor. In the basement there was a day hostel for the visitors. The building was inaugurated on 21st April 1937 with a formal ceremony and an elegant ball. Predappio Commune has asked to the Italian State Administration the transfer of property to restore this building and use it for public happenings.

Opening time

Closed to the public (the outside only).

Ultimo aggiornamento martedì 1 settembre 2020


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