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S. Agostino in Rocca d'Elmici church

S. Agostino in Rocca d'Elmici church is located along the state road that connects Fiumana to Predappio.

Address: Via Rocca d'Elmici Fiumana, 47016 Predappio (FC), Italia
Telephone number: 0543 940100


It is an ancient church, but still has a relevant value for the visitors. It is one of the rare examples of Romanic architecture in Forlì valley.
S. Agostino church is a simple building in sandstone and sponge. It was built during the XII century. There are no documents attesting its date of construction; anyway, it might be built as a private church by a rich landlord of the surroundings. Only afterwards it was donated or bought by "S. Maria in Porto di Ravenna " Monastery as attested in some documents dating back to 1177. The church grew in power and a community of monks moved there. Thanks to its strategic position it became a monastery with a bell tower, a cloister, a cemetery, a poorhouse and a mill. The destiny of this church was linked to the destiny of Calboli's castle. Around the half of the XVI century the power and fame of both the monastery and the castle decreased. The church has a hut facade. In the top part of the facade there is a little cross-window, while a blind arch stands on the main portal. There are still traces of the front protiro. The walls are made of square blocks of sandstone and sponge.
The inside has only a nave with a truss roof and a semicircular apsis. On the sides of the apsis there are four lancet windows. The inside of the church is decorated with secreted frescos organized in cycles. There are a XVII century fresco portraying a death dance and a XVII fresco portraying "Immacolata Concezione" (in the apsis).

How to get there

S. Agostino in Rocca d'Elmici church rises on Strada Provinciale n°3 that leads to Predappio from Fiumana. It is located on the left side of the road in Rocca d'Elmici.

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