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Cascate dell' Acquacheta

The name derives from the slow and quite course fo the river. It crosses Romiti flat land and than falls down on the stratified rocky spurs.

Address: 47010 Portico e San Benedetto (FC), Italia
Telephone number: +39.0543.965286
Fax: +39.0543.967243

How to get there

On foot along the Nature trail which starts from S. Benedetto in Alpe and continues for about 5 km.

Analytical text

Acquacheta water falls, quoted by Dante Alighieri in the 16th Canto of the Hell, are two hours walk from San Benedetto in Alpe. During winter and spring, the water creates an amazing 70 meter high water-fall . San Romualdo was strongly impressed by the magnificence of the nature, and decided to found the hermitage of the Benedictine Abbey in 986. According to some critics, Dante himself stopped here during his exile around 1302, and started writing his famous book The Divine Comedy. Also Boccaccio visited this place to find an inspiration for the Divine Comedy Hell comment; Dino Campana wandered toward Falterona Mountain, and finally Diego Fabbri went to the water falls several times.

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