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Tredozio - Letto del fiumeTredozio probably owes its name to the denomination of Castrum Treudacium and has ancient origins: the first human settlements were discovered in the hamlet of Santa Maria in Castello and date back to the Bronze or Villanovian age.

Inhabited by the Romans, who subjected the Boi Gauls settled in the valley, the town was also a Byzantine dominion. In the 12th century Tredozio became a feudal possession of the Counts Guidi of Modigliana and developed into a “mercatale” (market place) in the middle of a big mountain basin.

The Counts Guidi of Modigliana controlled the territory for a long time through the fortification of the “Castellaccio” which guarded the village underneath. The Florentine Republic took possession of it in 1428 after an act of submission by the local community. Tredozio was considered to be over the last centuries a much appreciated health resort as can be seen from the several aristocratic buildings (17th-18th century) facing the main street of the historical centre.

Only in 1923 Tredozio, like other municipalities which had previously been Tuscan, became part of the Province of Forlì, today Forlì-Cesena.

The castle Castrum Treudacium, dating back to the 10th century, must have had an imposing structure because it was built with solid walls in lime and stone.

It had an octagonal shape and featured in the centre a 17-high-metre tower around the weapons and ammunition deposit. Beside the castle are the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena and the House of the Count. Of the castle only the foundations and some underground rooms used as cisterns for collecting water or as cellars remain to be seen along with the remnants of the towers and other ruins.

Not to be missed is Fantini Palace, the most extraordinary building in Tredozio, including a country factory and a manor house. Built before the 16th century, the building was brought to new splendour in 1750, when Lorenzo Maria Fantini decided to build a suitable residence for his family which owned 33 country estates scattered across 1,000 acres of land. The manor house opens onto two courtyards leading to an Italian-style garden.

The Parish Church of San Michele from the 12th century contains a painted crucifix by the Rimini school (14th century) and originally consisted of a single nave to which were added in 1795 two side naves. The Church of the Company and the Oratory of the Blessed Virgin of Mercy was built in the 14th century and houses the image of the Blessed Virgin of Mercy.

Nowadays Tredozio is a little village full of small businesses and artisans, both in antique and traditional trades and in the shoe industry.

A local peculiarity: horse-riding boots are manufactured in the specialised factories of Tredozio. Due to their functionality and practicality, these boots are favoured by riders from numerous countries (both European and non-European) as well as Olympic teams for the sporting disciplines tied to equitation.

The village is also a pleasant location for summer stays.

To have tourist informations

Address: via XX Settembre, 62 - 47019 Tredozio 
Tel: +39.333.8827033

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Altitude: 334 mslm
Population: 1.383 inhabitants
Surface: 62 kmq

How to get there

To reach Tredozio leave the A14 exit at Faenza and follow the indications to Tredozio – Modigliana for approx. 30 kilometres along the Tramazzo state road.
It can also be reached from the East from Portico di Romagna via Monte Busca Pass and from the West from Marradi passing Mount Beccugiano and Mount Collina.

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