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Pellegrino Artusi

RitrattoPellegrino Artusi wrote "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene"; he was born in Forlimpopoli on the 4th August 1820. An important moment for Artusi"s life was the passage of Passatore and his gang in 1851. Artusi"s family was robbed by this gang of thieves and the year after decided to move to Florence where Artusi lived running successful trading activities. He died in Tuscany in 1911 when he was 91, anyway he had always kept a tight and positive relationship with his hometown.

He was born in Forlimpopoli on 4th August 1820. Artusi published "La scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene" in 1891 and in the following 20 years 14 editions of this book had been republished.
In 1931 the editions of this book were 31 and Artusi's work was one of the most read in Italy together with "Promessi Sposi" and "Pinocchio".
This book collects 790 recipes enriched by reflections and anecdotes added by the author. He writes in a witty style. Artusi's work became a milestone for the gastronomy of that time. Artusi gave dignity to the fragmented regional gastronomy traditions; he recognized value to them and put them together to form a united national gastronomy.

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