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Castello wine house

Tasting the good flavours of the tradition and drinking a a glass of typical wine among all those offered by the wine-producers of the Wine and Food Trail of the Hills around Forlì-Cesena within the rooms of a castle representing one of the most important examples of solid fortified architecture.

Address: Via Fortezza, 1, 47016 Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (FC), Italia
Telephone number: Pro Loco Castrocaro Terme: +39.0543.769541

Servicies and Facilities


Places: 220
Places inside location : 20
Available rooms: 1
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private park and garden un-manned parking place bar


The wine shop, started by Castrocaro Proloco Tourist Association and the Wine and Food Trail of the hills around Forlì-Cesena, is located in the newly restored medieval Fortress which has been specially selected with six other castles of the Emilia-Romagna region for the International Project of the Mediterranean countries 'Castrum' thanks to the typicality and adequate use of the building. The architectural body consists of three separate defence structures: the encircling walls (Girone), the Fortress and the embrasures (Arsenali Medicei).
Inside the fortress is the Lord's building, the Corridor of the Arms, the big and small courtyard, the small church of Santa Barbara, the Prison Tower and the troglodyte caves. The Lord's Buildings hosts the Permanent Historical Exhibition illustrating the millenary history of the Fortress under the title "The Eagle, the Keys and the Lily". The exhibition features weapons, majolica wares, coins, parchments and old furniture, acquired through archaeological retrievals, purchases, loans and donations. The wine show is within this frame a special place of meeting and showcase to promote and give value to the best products of Romagna soil (wines, olive oil, cheeses, mushrooms, truffles, traditional cakes). On display are all the typical Romagna wines of the producers of the Wine Trail and there is the opportunity of tasting wines such as Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano, Pagadebit, Cagnina. The Proloco tourist association runs the fortress, supports cultural and touristic goals and guarantees its opening to visitors all the year long with guided tours in Italian and English. The Fortress is the only centre of falconry in Italy with a scheduled calendar of shows and it is also a cultural centre. The proloco tourist association organizes, in conjunction with tourist boards and associations, historical and food and wine events, congresses, seminars, tastino sessions and work-shops.


The Fortress of Castrocaro is located atop a rock dominating the medieval village. Walk along Viale Marconi, Via Roma and Via Garibaldi and then go up along the picturesque streets Sant'Antonio and Postierla until you get within feet of the castle. It is advisable to park the car in Martelli square and walk up to the castle.

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