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cross-country skiing in the Campigna forest

Cross-country skiing in the Campigna forest.

Starting from Campigna you can enjoy scenic trails for cross-country skiing.

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Address: Campigna - Santa Sofia
Telephone: +39.346.6031097; +39.0543.980231

Web site:

 Further information

The ancient Campigna forest gives its name to the “Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna”, thus respecting the landscape and historical uniformity and continuity of such beautiful and centuries-old “cultivated” forests carefully nurtured by the Camaldolese Monks, the Opera del Duomo of Florence, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (which owned them until national unity).

The Campigna forest was also called 'Selva dell'Opera' and it was there that the Opera del Duomo of Florence built a surveillance station, in the 16th century, which then became the hunting villa of the Lorena family (nowadays it has been converted into a hotel).

The Lorena family too took great care of the forest and its rationale exploitation: the Grand Duke’s trail still exists and represents the first sign of the area’s tourism orientation. Today the Campigna location is well known for its tourist hospitality and is a preferred destination of lively tourism both in summer and in winter, thanks to its well-equipped ski areas (for both down-hill and cross-country).

Access ways and requirements

The Campigna location is 24km from S. Sofia, taking the Bidente Provincial Road no. 4.


Some of the most scenic trails are the following:
Fangacci cross-country ski trail- Pian delle Fontanelle - Fangacci (5 km);
Passo della Calla – Camaldoli hermitage and return (18 km with 700m level difference);
Campigna – Cullacce forest path (5 km).


Snow Bulletin and Ski Equipment Hire
Campigna National Ski School
located in the hamlet of Fangacci - S. Sofia (FC)
Tel. +39.0543.980051 fax. +39.0543.980013

How to reach it

Campigna is 65 km from Forlì along the 4 Bidente provincial road (all the runs are 6 km from the village). For skiers coming from Tuscany, take the direction to Calla Pass connecting Romagna with Casentino area.

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