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Rocca San Casciano

Rocca San Casciano is located along the middle valley of the Montone River. Its original name was Plebs Sancti Cassini in Casatico (Casatico was Montone River original name). For a long time it stayed under the dominion of the bishop of Forlimpopoli. In 1381 the people of Rocca San Casciano decided to pass under the Florentine Republic. Since then the little town followed the destiny of Florence. The relationship with Florence came to an end in 1923 when Rocca San Casciano was annexed to the province of Forlì. 

Rocca San Casciano was for a long time under the rule of the Bishop of Forlimpopoli. In 1381 the people of Rocca decided to pass under the Florentine Republic which established there a Podesteria (residence of the town’s Podesta).
In the 18th century the new Tuscan-Romagna territory was created by royal decree by Leopold I of Lorraine, after the abolition of the Romagna province. Due to its position as link between Valdarno and Romagna, Rocca was an important administrative and judicial centre until the 20th century. In 1923 the town was incorporated into the province of Forlì. The urban area covers around 1 square km. of the municipal territory.

Altitude: between 300 and 600 meters

Inhabitants: 2.128 inhabitants
Surface: 50 kmq

How to get there

Rocca San Casciano is 27 kilometres south of Forlì on the 67 Tuscan-Romagna state road towards Florence. The nearest tollbooth onto the A14 motorway is in Forlì at approximately 27 kilometres. The nearest railway station and airport are in Forlì around 27 kilometres from Rocca.

The Municipality of Rocca San Casciano shares borders with Dovadola to the north, Predappio to the east, Galeata to the south-east, Premilcuore to the east, Portico San Benedetto to the south-west, Tredozio to the west and Modigliana to the north-west.

Because of the hilly territory of Rocca San Casciano most of the building and economic activities are spread in the lower valley along the 67 state road linking all the major centres of the valley within the territory and connecting Rocca San Casciano to Tuscany through the Muraglione Pass over the Apennine ridges.

The municipal territory is also connected with the bordering valleys through three provincial roads joining the 67 state road and taking to San Zeno, Predappio and Modigliana.


Other news

Not to be missed is the Bonfire Feast taking place on the third Sunday in March.

To have tourist informations

Address: Rocca San Casciano's City Council Piazza Tassinari, 15, 47017 Rocca San Casciano (FC), Italia
Tel: +39.0543.960124
Fax: +39.0543.951336

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