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Museo del Risorgimento 'Aurelio Saffi'

The museum was inaugurated in 1888. It is located in a beautiful palace of the centre. It collects relics and objects from the Napoleonic period to the Second World War one.

Address:Palazzo Gaddi, Corso G. Garibaldi, 96, 47121 Forlì (FC), Italia
Telephone number: +39.0543.712627
Fax: +39.0543.712618
e-mail: musei@comune.forli.fc.it


Admission free


The Museum is available for visits only with advance reservations.

Servizio Cultura e Musei
Tel. +39.0543 712627
Fax +39.0543 712618
e-mail: musei@comune.forli.fc.it


The museum is located in the XVIII century Palazzo Gaddi in great Baroque style enriched with neoclassical pictorial decorations.
It exhibits relics from the Napoleonic period to the Second World War. The material is organized in eight halls: the first three are dedicated to the protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento (Piero Maroncelli, Achille Cantoni, Aurelio Saffi), while the others are dedicated to the following historic period focussing on the First World War and the XI infantry regiment, on the war in Africa and on the Second World War.
In the halls dedicated to the Risorgimento and called with the names of its main protagonists other relevant figures are mentioned (Pio IX, Giuditta Lazzarini, Antonio Fratti and Giuseppe Mazzini). There is also a rich collection attesting the Garibaldinian vocation of Forlì citizens.
The XI Infantry Regiment stationed in Forlì. Its historical diary is kept in the museum. It is an important document giving useful information about the historical events that took place between 1871 and 1938.
The hall dedicated to the First World War is rich with relics donated by Forlì citizens who took part to the conflict.
The crucial stages of the Second World War are recalled by the photos of those who died between 1940-1943 and during the Resistance and by relics belonging to the Partisan group Corbari.
The hall dedicated to the war in Africa exhibits many relics from the battles in Ethiopia.
Posters, weapons and Carlo Matteucci's relics are kept in the corridor and in the little resting areas of the museum.
Ranieri Paulucci di Calboli's hall is part of the Risorgimento Museum. It hosts sculptures by Wildt and elegant bindings (from the XVI to the XX century) donated to the town by Raniero to celebrate the memory of his son Fulcieri. To visit the museum it is compulsory to go there or to contact the staff by phone. It is possible to book guided visits for groups


How to get there

It is located in one of the main streets of the town that leads to the historic centre. The museum is reachable both by car and bus.

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