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Abbazia di San Mercuriale

Abbazia San Mercuriale

It is the symbol of the city and most important monument in Forlì, together with the bell tower and the precious works of art kept inside there.


Address: Piazza Saffi, 47121 Forlì (FC), Italia
Telephone number: +39.0543.25653
Fax: +39.0543.39868


The original church was destroyed by a fire in 1173; the new abbey was built up again in 1181. It is a Romanesque-Lombard church. The Gothic portal in pink stone is over-hanged by the famous lunette decorated with the bas-relief depicting the adoration of the Magi and assigned to Maestro dei Mesi from Ferrara.
The top part of the facade is decorated with brick little arches supported by slim stony columns; this construction has a important architectonic value.
The Bell tower was projected by Francesco Deddi. It is in Lombard style. Its construction was over in 1180. It is 75mt. high and it is in bricks. Connected to the church rises the XV century cloister; it has a rectangular shape. Originally it was closed, while in 1941 two sides had been opened. In the centre of the cloister there is a XVII century fountain.
In the inside there are a nave and two aisles. Barbara Manfredi's sarcophagus is located at the beginning of the right aisle. She was Pino Ordelaffi's wife and she died when she was only 22 (in 1466). The sarcophagus was sculpted by Simone Ferrucci from Fiesole. The shape and the excellence of the decorations made this sarcophagus become one of the most important works of art in Forlì. On the right-side chapel there are the paintings portraying Mary with her baby and the Saints Giovanni and Caterina by Marco Palmezzano. In S. Mercuriale’s chapel, right on the altar there is a painting depicting Mary with her baby together with the S. Mercuriale and S. Gerolamo by Passignano. On the right side of the chapel there is a painting portraying S. Mercuriale returning from Jerusalem by Santi di Tito, while on the left side there is a representation of S. Mercuriale killing the dragon by Cigoli. In the presbytery on the right side it is possible to admire "The visitation" by Baldassarre Carrari, while on the left "Mary and the Saints" by Michele Bertucci. On the left aisle rises "Ferri" arch (1536); it was built in Istrian stone and decorated by elegant Lombard ornaments and grotesqueries. "The Immaculate Conception with the saints Agostino, Anselmo and Stefano" (1509) by Marco Palmezzano is located on the main altar.


Weekday and weekend opening
From 7.30 to 19.00

Opening times

Always open.
The bell tower is open during celebrations such as Christmas or Easter, according to the availability of staff and on the occasion of the Feast of San Mercuriale, October 26.
On the occasion of the anniversary of the Madonna del Fuoco 4 February you can visit the Bell Tower and climb the 273 gradini.In other occasions, according to the helpful staff and the weather.
Timetable: from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00. Please note that times are subject to change.
For visits outside these times please contact the parish priest at the Basilica number (0543.25653) or that of the Church of Saint Lucia from 17.00 (0543.33355).

Rate of income

Free entrance. For guided tours in the church: free offer.

How to get there

S. Mercuriale abbey rises in the main square of the town. It is easy to reach by car or by bus

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