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Sant' Antonio da Padova church

S. Antonio da Padova church in Predappio dominates with its imposing structure the homonymous square. S. Antonio da Padova Square is one of the most interesting spots of the village; its wide dimensions offer attractive panoramic views of the surroundings.

Address: Piazza Sant'Antonio, 4, 47016 Predappio (FC), Italia
Telephone number: 0543-922104
Web site: http://www.comune.predappio.fc.it

Admission: free

How to reach it

The church rises in Piazza S. Antonio, the main square of the town. It is easy to reach driving along Strada Provinciale n°3 that crosses Predappio and leads towards Premilcuore.

Further Information

S. Antonio da Padova church dominates the homonymous square of Predappio. It was built on the project of the architect Cesare Bazzani and inaugurated on 27th October 1934. The laying of the foundation stone took place on 30th August 1925 and it was sponsored by a committee directed by Rachele and Arnaldo Mussolini. It was supposed to be dedicated to S. Rosa da Lima. The problems between the State and the Church slowed down the construction of this church, in fact the building up works started only in October 1931. The church was then dedicated to S. Antonio who evangelised Romagna.
The facade is tiled with Cagli and Trani marble slabs. It is divided into three parts corresponding to the nave and the aisles of the church. The central part is taller than the side ones and it is over hanged by a triangular tympanum.
The big arch that contains the bronze lunette by the roman sculptor P. Morbiducci is held by the columns of the facade. The lunette portrays S. Antonio from Padova on a flowery background, it is decorated by the image of S. Antonio on a flowery background. On the splay of the wide arch there are nine bronze relieves portraying angels' faces. On the sides of the main entrance there are ten panels in stiacciato depicting the miracles of S. Antonio. Cordoni and Tarquini helped Morbiducci in realising the lunette.

The inside is wide. It has a Latin cross plant with a wide nave and two small aisles framed by big pillars in Bramante's style. Where the nave crosses the transept there is an octagonal tiburio with a coppered dome in Bramante's style.
In the inside there are important works of art:
-The beautiful alt-relief Stations of the Cross in baked clay (each one is 65cm. high) were sculpted by Publio Morbiducci in 1934.
-The Christening font was forged by Ordinado Morinelli Florentine foundry. On the top part of the lid there is a little statue depicting S. Giovanni Battista. The Christening font has been removed from the church.
-The altar-piece portraying "S. Francesco e la sua opera" was painted by Giovan Battista Crema (cm. 340x170). It rises on the right altar of the transept. On the opposite side there is a second altar-plate portraying "Sacro Cuore di Gesù" by Corrado Mezzana (350x170) in 1936.


The Patron Saint fete is celebrated on 13th June.

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