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Monte Poggiolo's Fortress

Rocca di Monte Poggiolo

The present structure of Monte Poggiolo's Fortess was designed by the Florentin architect Giuliano da Maiano (1471)




Address: Via Ciola, 93, 47011 Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole (FC), Italia

How to get it

It is 3 km far from Terra del Sole

Further Information

This fortified structure is not very huge; its perimeter is 146,85 mt. It has four circular donjons, among which the 'Maschio’ (also called main tower) which is 18 mt. high, whereas the other 3 are 12 mt. high. The external walls which once surrounded it were 13 mt. far from the smokescreen. The smokescreens initially were 9 mt. high and about 2,50 mt. wide.
The origin of this structure is unknown; up to the construction of Terra del Sole, it was often under the control of Castrocaro. The present structure was designed by the Florentin architect Giuliano del Maiano (1471). After the construction of the city-stronghold Terra del Sole, it was used as sighting tower towards the new square.
The structure contained: the dwelling of the commander of the fortress, the square of arms, the room for weapons and the corridors.
In the 1872 the Fortress, with the annexed areas, was ceded from the State to the private individuals; in fact, a contract of the 7th of may of that same year the Great Duke Pietro Leopoldo I sold it to the priest Biagio Magli from Terra del Sole for 300 Tuscan pieces of money.


Edoardo Warren in 1748 describes Monte Poggiolo's Fortess as follows: 'This structure makes visible all the valley of papal Romagna from Faenza to Ravenna and the Adriatic sea, so that it is not possible to go unnoticed from this sea to Terra del Sole'

Opening time

You can see it from outside only.



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